Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Our Objective

At Advanced Care Centers we understand the negative health risks of obesity and unwanted pounds. The effect upon both the physical condition and the psychological health of the individual can cause an entire series of issues unnecessarily. “Downsizing 4 Life” is a medically supervised weight-loss program which identifies the realistic goals, the obstacles to achieving those goals and the formulation of a plan specifically for the individual patient. Such a plan when followed allows for the desired weight-loss, medical safeguards against potential health risks, and the development of a new-found confidence for each area of your life. Our professional consultants can start your individual plan immediately so you can see immediate results.
Shari Pierce, P.A.
Weight-Loss Consultant

Medical Analysis

Our medical professionals will provide a full evaluation of your overall health, level of weight loss that is realistic as well as medically necessary for the best possible overall health. After this evaluation we will provide you with an individual plan which will contain comprehensive nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. When indicated as the best treatment for the individual patient, prescriptions for appetite suppressants and other medications may be utilized and prescribed. As the progress of the patient is closely monitored through counseling, blood work analysis and physical examination the treatment plan shall be modified with the same custom patient considerations to achieve a continued success level.

Lifestyle Modification

Everyday millions of people loose weight only to regain that weight and more. The underlying reason for this scenario is for a short time there is a lifestyle change and thus temporary success. Only after the original patterns of nutrition, exercise and attitude creep back into the life of the individual does the result return to continued weight-gain and a deeper level of obesity and health risks. Medical supervision allows a professional to closely monitor the implementation and continuation of the necessary changes. With the accountability of a trained professional “knowing” if the patient is continuing with the healthy changes and avoiding the old habits of indulgence and personal neglect will give you the opportunity to succeed. While you might say to yourself, “this won’t matter to my weight or health,” your personal consultant will tell you truthfully of the results you achieve or the reason you don’t.

Maintenance Program

Our commitment is to you as long as you need medical supervision. The length of the program solely depends on your confidence and commitment to stay healthy and the medical issues involved in safely attaining successful weight loss. We will provide guidelines for life which will greatly increase your chances to stay the slimmer, healthier you that was meant to be. The most attractive part of a medically supervised weight-loss program is that you are in your individual program, with your unique goals and your best potential plan to achieve them. The maintenance program will continue to be modified specifically to your individual needs and give you the true opportunity for successful, “Downsizing 4 Life”.

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